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Summer heat--a summer sequence

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                                                                Summer's Heat--a summer sequence with topics


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Awakened by dawn,
The Tropicana rose blooms
such brilliant fragrance--
a fascination leads me
into your summer garden.

b'oki--Bette    (flower)

In the early light,
at the rose petal's center
a bee hovers--
collecting sweet nectar,
its hum breaks the soft silence.

Paul  (falling petals)

Graying clouds;
Summer's rhythm becomes louder
With a downpour--
Large drops chill my wrinkled skin
And bring down petals...petals.

Donna   (rain or storm)

At mid-afternoon,
a cicada's abdomen
vibrating with song...
from deep within leaf-trees,
the noise of courtship.

an'ya  (insect sound)

White waves of clouds
slowly deepen to amber,
following the sun--
will our thoughts ever be quenched
when gazing the afterglow?

b'oki  (heat)

The lake of swans
hardly seen in the moonlight
faintly glowing--
your eyes tell me so much more
than I have ever expected.

Lera  (lake)

This midsummer night
the moon breaks into pieces
on the silent lake--
across rippled surfaces,
your boat draws closer.

Paul  (boat)

Between its wing beats,
A goldfinch's song ripples
Above the clover;
The scent of curing hay
Hangs in afternoon haze.

Donna  (bird sound)

A clover field
fresh under the July sun
so quiet--
laying right down on my back
I span the sky with my arms.

Lera  (quiet)

Lightening bugs,
a colony gathered
in the night air...
time elapses silently
between signal flashes.

an'ya  (firefly or sudden light)

In the meadow,
The short silences of crickets
Revealing the heat;
I try...try to sleep alone
Waiting to hear another's breath.

Donna  (grass or meadow)

Fields of ripe wheat
waving in the sweltering heat
at dawn--
as the western wind rises
a little poppy peeps out.

Lera  (ripening fruit)

Such burning heat,
as this summer night flames on...
lighting still wheat stalks--
even the moon seems to rage
where no cooling breeze stirs.

Paul  (cooling breeze)

Amid hot rocks
in a long-dry creek bed,
signs of drought...
an empty rattlesnake skin
filled with sunlight.

an'ya  (drought)

Chartreuse leaves release
from a parched river birch tree--
eager for autumn;
each leaf that falls on my face
leaves a faint scent in the air.

b'oki  (faint scent)