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Wild grass
is growing over the stream,
as summer deepens
will anyone remember
the cool water flowing beneath?

Nick (topic: grasses)

After the storm,
the earth falls into silence--
as soft breezes rise
and spread across the fields,
the tall pampas sways lightly.

Paul (topic: grasses)

We could mingle
as do my tears and fresh dew
on blades of spring grass--
the moon gleams full in each drop
till consumed by the dawn sun.

Paul (topic: grasses)

On the shorn grass,
Withered rose petals lie
One on the other;
How quickly they fade--
My hand, your lips, this illusion!

Donna (topic: grasses)

Our yard overcome
with grassy hieroglyphics--
persistent moles
show me that the confusion
between us must be finished.

b'oki (Bette) (topic: grasses)



Such heat-withered grass
remains still in this parched field
seemingly lifeless--
Where is there any respite
for a heart scorched by passion?

Paul  (topic--heat)


When was is
that it was only a dream,
this summer heat?
Now that spring is gone
there are new dreams.

Richard  (topic--heat)


Not enough wind
To lift the thistledown--
This heat!
At times my mind's content
To rest in the doldrums.

Donna  (topic--heat)


The day's heat dissolved
by this freshly cooling breeze
over the meadow--
though it has barely arrived,
signs of summer's waning.

Paul  (topic--heat)


I toss fitfully
in the heat;
your anger lengthens
this short summer night.

Kit  (topic--heat)





The summer storm,
rain beats down on the roof tiles
as clouds burst--
they break the night's silence
and steal away my dreams.

Paul  (topic--summer storm)


Black clouds
Roll above the desert shrubs,
A summer storm--
The air smells like rosemary
Steeped in chaparral and dust.

Sunny  (topic--summer storm)


Though the dawn arrives,
the rising sun stays hidden
behind a cloud veil--
the sound of thunder,
as the summer storm draws near.

Paul  (topic--summer storm)


A summer storm--
Pollen from corn tassels
Scattering everywhere;
These thoughts are so rampant
That nothing comes to fruition.

Donna  (topic--summer storm)



Oh, you gulls that cry
where the black surf breaks unseen
as night falls cold--
calling to mind long-ago days
that fade away all too soon.



Memories linger
from across a great divide
where waves become foam--
as this life fades day-by-day,
broken dreams fill passing nights.



Deepening summer;
If only my worries were
So short--
The silent space
Between cicada cries!



The air becomes still
as clouds begin to fade
in the night sky--
the full moon now lingers
in the summer storm's wake.