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The shower's passing
has brought new humidity,
as the heat sinks in
the river reeds wilt further,
waiting for the rain's return.



After the storm,
The steam over hot rocks
Creeping along;
In the closeness of this love
I am lost and vanishing.



Lost in speechlessness,
you hold me captivated
in dreams--
that is where our eyes will meet
as the moonless night ensues.



by fresh green sprouts,
the withered pampas
from last year's autumn
glints in the summer field.



In the stillness
Next to the large open window
We sit--
Even though the rain has stopped,
The Ponderosas drip and drip.



A white scallop shell,
now embraced by barnacles
on this peaceful shore--
side by side with the ocean,
our path renews in each step.

b'oki (Bette)



Where waves crash
along the cold night's shore,
moonlight shimmers,
guiding her quiet way
on the long path toward home.



Dawn has broken,
the morning birds are singing;
please don't run off yet--
the full moon still lingers
as if to lengthen our night.



So they fall--
Raindrops and yellow leaves
In this darkness...
Why should I think this night
That love can't begin anew?



How the sea and sky
become waves and wind--
as the years pass
rocks crush to grains of sand
the way love crushes the heart.