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Bowed over,
Withered miscanthus grass
Under the snow;
Is its burden heavier
Than the sagging pine bough?

Donna     (for Barb)



[For Joe who died 12/03]

Rendered speechless,
as winter rains continue--
who will take notice.
in your final departure,
that teardrops stain my sleeves?




Evening's first chill,
Yet the Sweet Autumn clematis
Softly twirling;
Memories of your last dance
With our elderly aunts.

Donna     (for Bill)





They rise and fall--
so many phases of the moon
marking passing time--
the candle flickers low
in the depths of this long night.



On a shelf
in an apartment window
a little bodhisattva--
summer's bright light
brightens her flowing robes.

Sarah  (dedicated to the Kannon Bodhisattva, also called Kuan-Yin or Guan Yin)





Your voice lingers,
mingled with the sound of bells
in an empty sky--
so vivid this floating world,
despite the old year's passing.